Recent Before & After Photos

Water damaged ceiling

The upstairs water heater malfunctioned in this Huntsville home and caused water damage to 3 levels. The water ran for an unknown amount of time. Nine rooms w... READ MORE

Dryer Fire Damage

The dryer caught on fire in this Huntsville home causing heavy fire damage to the laundry room. The rest of the home had heavy soot damage as well as water dam... READ MORE

Faster To Your Business Water Damage

Flood waters from heavy rains entered this Huntsville warehouse in August 2017. The entire warehouse was 33,000 square feet. After an initial inspection and w... READ MORE

Huntsville Commercial Water Damage

One toilet leak can cause extensive water damage. This was the case recently with a water damage at a Huntsville medical office complex. The damage was discov... READ MORE

Mold & Odor Problems in Crawlspace

A Huntsville homeowner was trying to sell her house. The home had been listed for six months and sat unoccupied. As the months went by, a strong odor became n... READ MORE

Collapsed Ceiling After Water Damage

An upstairs toilet in a Huntsville home overflowed and flooded while the homeowner was gone. The homeowner returned home later to find "a waterfall in the kitc... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Kitchen Fire

A fire started in the kitchen and ravaged this home in Huntsville, ruining the hardwood floors, walls, ceiling, marble countertops, backsplash, custom cabinets,... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Bursts In Garage

The water heater in this home was located in the garage. Both sides of the wall were exterior walls. The supply line to the water heater froze and burst. For... READ MORE

Burst Pipe In Attic

The photos are from a water damage job we completed in January 2014. It was very cold that month and there were many frozen pipes in the Huntsville area. This... READ MORE

Septic Backup On Christmas Day

This homeowner had a septic backup on Christmas Day. It started in the bathroom and spread to the hallway, living room, kitchen and a bedroom. Our crew arrive... READ MORE